Why Your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Is Trying To Heal You

I love discussing the beauty of the body and how it is always conspiring to heal you.  We know that we have an innate immune function that heals us.  The inflammatory response is also there, to create healing in an acute phase of imbalance. Nerves and cells have natural, regenerative properties.  With more and more science delving into the use of cannabidiol (CBD) products, the research is focusing on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its continued effort to maintain homeostasis in the body.  The ECS that is housed in many cells throughout our body works to reverse major excitatory (stimulating) actions in the body, to inspire calmness.

The actions of the ECS are due to receptors and enzymes that are produced in our bodies in order to have a continued healing experience.  When trauma, pain or abnormal changes occur in the body, that creates an imbalance in our natural homeostasis.  Science has shown that the ECS increases receptors and enzymes in order to prevent damage caused by the imbalance.  

The ECS is our natural harm-reduction system.  It acts as an alarm system in our bodies.  The alarm sounds in the presence of dis-ease or imbalance and the ECS will increase a cell’s survivability in that stressed state.   It is immediately working to correct therefore, further assisting in the body’s innate ability to heal.

To further support this innate ability, the use of CBD has made it’s mark in the natural health field. It is one of the key constituents in supporting the ECS.  As we have many receptors to receive CBD, the body is prepared to absorb this compound in order to keep the cycle of healing going. Although using CBD, is a highly effective way to encourage the ECS; science shows that a healthful diet, regular stress management and lifestyle factors will also create a positive impact to your overall immune system as well.   This is exciting science and further evidence of your body being its own healer.

Happy Healing



tea tasting

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telomeres and tea

Science has feverishly studied the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule to find the “cure” for aging.  Aging is a right and not a burden, so I find a few concerns with the language of Anti-Aging medicine.  However, there have been great discoveries with regards to foods and their benefits to the longevity of human life.  One of those many discoveries has been the plant, Camellia sinensis (tea).  The key components to the tea plant are the epigallocatechins (EGCG) and their profound affects on the human cell.

Before we dive into the science of tea, lets discuss telomeres. Telomeres are the end-caps of a chromosome in the body.  A chromosome is made up of nucleic acids and proteins and it carries your genetic information.  When telomeres are shortened or damaged, then this chromosome is more susceptible to damage and disease.  Increasing the length of a telomere can not only slow-down disease progression, but it can also prevent disease and illness.

What damages a telomere?  Your telomeres will naturally shorten with age, however chronic inflammation can also encourage shortening.  Poor dietary choices, over exposure to toxins, presence of a current disease and/or the possibility of cancer cells.  With all of these factors being more common in today’s world, the goal would be to work diligently to support our telomere health.  That is where tea comes in, more specifically, green tea.

Green tea (2-3 cups daily) has been found to lengthen these telomeres and encourage healthy chromosomes.  As if you needed another reason, green tea would be a great drink of choice.



savory sips - winter tonic

This tea/broth boosts immune function, provides key minerals and is highly anti-viral.  Also, it can keep those insides nice and warm on a chilly, winter day.

Boil in a 4 quart pot:

2 stalks of celery (chopped)

2 radishes (sliced)

4-6 cloves of garlic

1/4 of onion

1/2 of lemon

a pinch of cayenne pepper

ADD: 4 cups of water and boil for 10-15 minutes.  Once cooled,  add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You may sip 1/2 cup each morning.  Will store, refrigerated, for 3 days.  

*Use organic produce when possible

Sip Your Medicine!



the genesis...

Why do I do this?  It started from my very own personal journey to heal myself. Two decades ago, I had horrible periods.  I dreaded my menstrual cycles and would often experience excruciating pain.  I would have to call off of work, as I was not a fan of taking any medications.  Well, I shopped at the local health food store and at the time, that was Golden Grocers.  There was a tea, specifically for menstrual cycles and I thought that I would give it a try.  I drank this tea religiously and noticed that my next period was better.  I still had some of the symptoms, but it was considerably better.

I started to explore the herbs in that tea and found them each, individually in powdered form.  I then created capsules of the herbs and realized that this created a greater benefit with my periods.  They weren’t just better, they had essentially, become pain-free.  The capsules provided a higher dosage of each herb therefore helping to correct some of my hormonal imbalances.  I then realized that my periods were much improved, however, the results were not consistent monthly.  When I started to evaluate the cause, the only factor was diet.  I realized that when I had more sugar and bread and carbohydrates, that my pain level would return but I also noticed significant abdominal bloating. 

This is interesting, I thought.  At that point, I made the decision to go “sugar-free” for one full year.  Not only did my cramping pains go away, I noticed that my periods were shorter and that the bloating was pretty non-existent.  Another item, that I had never even considered, was that my moods had improved.  I remember saying, “Wow, I feel great.”  My moods and emotional levels became more optimistic and an overall increased level of contentment.  What an added benefit, with the increased emotional health.  Healing can not only exist in the physical, it must cover the mental/emotional sphere as well.  That realization opened many doors for me.  I wanted to use these herbs for other health concerns and with my friends and families.  It was then, when I discovered that these herbs could help others.  Once I started sharing with my close ones, I also realized that I needed more education.  I also wanted to be safe in making these herbal suggestions as many of them have considerable side effects.  I knew that I would have to study to become an herbalist and that was the birth of my plan to pursue Naturopathic Medicine.

Now, after 9 years (and going) of practice as a Naturopathic Doctor, I have found that these same herbs are just as applicable today as they were then.  I have not only the knowledge on how to use them, but the clinical experience of seeing hundreds of patients improve their health with some of these very herbs. I started out administering herbs in the form of herbal tisanes (teas) as this is an easy and affordable means of using herbal medicine.  I find today, that this is still a highly, reliable source of “prescribing” herbal medicines.  The mere act of steeping herbs in hot water, will release dozens of active, disease-fighting chemicals.  This is my preferred method of consuming herbs and this has been the most accessible method as well.  The ritual of sipping an herbal tea has become a mainstay in my life.  It is the end of a long day, a rough week as well as a welcomed reward.  I love sharing the benefits of herbs and preparing a specific formulas for my patients!   I welcome the opportunity to share my passion with you.

Yours in herbal healing,